Craig County Technical Rescue Task Force

Did you know?

  • The Craig County Technical Rescue Task Force is a division of Craig County Emergency Management.
  • We are 100% volunteer with volunteers from Vinita Fire, Welch Fire, Carselowey Fire, Centralia Fire, Bowlin Springs Fire, and Vinita Public Schools Campus Police Department. 
  • It is 100% funded by donations and grants.
  • No taxpayer money is allocated to the Task Force.

The Craig County Technical Rescue Task Force was originally named the Craig County Swiftwater Rescue Task Force. However, in 2019 the name was updated because the rescue services offered by the Task Force are expanding. Originally it was created to perform water rescues only. It now performs high and low-angle rope rescue operations.

As mentioned above our team is 100% volunteer based. We do not receive any funding from city, county, or state governments. We operate solely upon donations, grants, and money out of our own pockets. So we are always in need of donations.

Current big purchase items we are raising funds for:

  • 3/4 ton Pickup.
  • Drysuits (for cold water and when we have to swim in contaminated (ie sewer) waters.
  • Emergency Scene Lighting.
  • Radios.

How can you help?

Amazon Wish List: CLICK HERE

Wal-Mart Wish List: CLICK HERE

If you would like to make a donation to help us please send us a message here.

    Our dedicated supporters!

    We would not be where we are today without the consistent help and support graciously given to us by the following: